On February 23 two Su-30MK2 jet-fighters were taken in disassembled condition to the AFB Indonesia "Sultan Hasanuddin" air base in the province of South Sulawesi, according to RIA Novosti with reference to the Detik.com portal. 

"According to the signed contract for six Su-30MK2 fighters, four other cars will be delivered in July this year," - air base head of the Public Relations Department, Major Muliadi said the agency. 

This delivery has been made in the framework of the contract signed in December 2011, there will be six Su-30MK2 delivered in total. Including weapons and procurement the contract value is approximately $ 500 million.

Recall that in April 2003, a contract was signed for the supply of Indonesian two Su-27SK and two Su-30MK and two attack helicopters Mi-35 for a total of 192.9 million dollars.

Delivery of aircraft on this contract was completed in late September 2003.

During the air show MAKS-2007, a protocol for supplying Indonesia with three Su-27SKM and three Su-30MK2 was signed. The deal estimated up to $ 336 million.

Under this contract, three Su-30MK2 fighters were delivered to Indonesian Air Force in 2008-2009., three Su-27SKM - in September 2010 respectively.

Up to date, the Air Force of Indonesia has 10 Sukhoi jet-fighters under exploitation - five Su-27SKM and five Su-30MK, which became part of the 11th Squadron, stationed at the air base "Sultan Hasanuddin" on the island of Sulawesi.

The Russian side has also received a request for the modernization and life extension of four fighters Su-27SK/Su-30MK set in 2003.

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